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Welcome to the Newsletter Page!

This page introduces and keeps a record of the recent Newsletters provided by MUES. You can read the latest newsletter by clicking the button or image to the left! The previous newsletters are provided below and can be accessed in a similar fashion. 

What is MUES Records?

MUES Records is a newsletter that is released at the start of every month to showcase what the Ryerson engineering community has to offer! It is to encourage and engage individuals to offer relatable and meaningful insights in our community, as well as present various student groups and their activities. Take a look at our latest newsletters to find opportunities to apply yourself within the community!


Stories: Take a look at the narratives of individuals from our community and how they failed, achieved, triumphed, and got through engineering.

Monthly Themes / Articles: Look into important subjects for every month with featured articles and educate yourself with information pertaining to these topics 

Beyond Engineering: This page showcases the community’s interests and hobbies outside of engineering, encouraging personal growth and well-being! Submit though this form to be featured!

Upcoming Dates and Opportunities: Here we provide major dates and events within the community, as well as feature student groups and other opportunities that are presented to us by following the marketing and promotions form.