Exam Bank

MUES has collected a vast amount of previous midterms and exams from TMU Engineering Courses. These exams can be found in our Exam Bank.  In order to continue the growth of the bank, individuals are able to submit their exams using the button below. Thank you for your support and happy studying!


Tutorials provide another way for students to connect with our TAs and Students for extra support. Please note all TMU Classroom policies are in effect for MUES tutorials!

Spring 2023 Tutorials

Tutorial DateCourseTutorial Time TA NameLocationZoom LinkAdditional Resources
June 4, 2023ELE 2026pm - 8pmShima Bagher Zade HamyieOnlineZoom LinkRecording
June 4, 2023CHE 3126pm - 8pmMona El RifaiOnlineZoom Link
June 6, 2023MTH 4106pm - 8pmGurpreet JagdevOnlineZoom LinkNotes
June 21, 2023COE 3186pm - 8pmHamed KarimiOnlineZoom Link
June 23, 2023AER 318/MEC 3116pm - 8pmNiloufar AmiriOnline Zoom Link
June 25, 2023MEC 4306pm - 8pm Asif MohammedOnlineZoom Link
June 25, 2023ELE 6356pm - 8pm Anitha KumarOnlineZoom Link
June 26, 2023MTH 4106pm - 8pmGurpreet JagdevOnlineZoom Link
June 27, 2023BME/ELE 6396pm - 8pmDylan YoungOnlineZoom Link