Civil Engineering

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First Year

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Student Review

Fairly easy course. Lab TA’s help a ton. Professors lectures are typically very hefty with slides and useless information

Course Breakdown

Assignments – 45%

Midterm Test – 10%

Final Examination – 20%

Final project – 25%

Additional Info

To help yourself review after lectures, watch Tanya Coffey on YouTube

Student notes from MTL 200

Write down word for word profs lecture notes. Best way to ace the midterm/exam is to practice profs notes. Easy course for the most part- focus your attention on reading textbook material if you cannot understand the professor. Textbook has great diagrams and most the slides heavily reference the text/ definitions found throughout the textbook.

Test 1 – 20%

Test 2 – 20%

Final test – 45%

Assignments – 15%

Common concepts on tests:

  • Atomic structure
  • Atomic bonding in materials
  • Crystallinity
  • Lattice structure
  • Crystal systems
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Amorphous materials
  • Imperfections and diffusion in solids
  • Phase diagrams and phase transformations
  • Structures of metals, polymers and ceramics
  • Corrosion and degradation
  • Thermal and electrical properties of materials